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The laser and laser processing machine products made in our company are enjoying an excllent selling situation

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During January to April,2006 , our laser and CNC laser processing machine product sales gratifying situation, the total sales of all types of laser, CNC laser processing machine dozens of sets of economic indicators has been more than last year and ahead of schedule Board of Trustees completed the examination given by indicators, expected annual sales of all types of laser or CNC laser processing more than 100 sets of machine, will be the bigger sales of high-power laser equipment manufacturer. June 2004, our Division Laser Processing Research Center, added two sets of CNC laser cutting machine, mainly for metals, non-metallic materials, cutting, welding, surface treatment and other fields of scientific research.At the same time take external processing business, and warmly welcome the intention to buy CNC laser processing systems for cutting materials with you to come to field test the company.