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High-end machine tool equipment CLS reveal and metal processing

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"China GongBoHui" exhibition of nc machine tools and metal processing (MWCS2010) on November 9-13, held in Shanghai new international expo center, exhibition area reaches 4 square meters, a total of from 13 countries and regions of the world more than 450 manufacturers exhibiting, showing the top equipment and metal processing industry the more advanced technology. In machine tool industry as a whole to the good background in industry enterprise under the condition of high recognition for MWCS, MWCS2010 ZuZhan work successfully completed, turns head hit a record high of 82% and old customers, to the end of July MWCS booth has been full, present a difficult situation. Qi 2 machine tool, qinchuan machine tool, Wu Chong machine tools, Shanghai, zhejiang kaida, Germany buena, Germany STAMA, tengzhou earth, far east machinery, emperor building heart, Beijing horse machinery, electromechanical, Turner Taiwan electric processing enterprises will bring their latest products and equipment. This exhibition will set up "high-grade CNC machine major projects (hereinafter referred to as major projects)" thematic exhibition, on display has two, Wu Chong, qinchuan, Shanghai electric processing machine tools, Beijing, wuhan Farley, such as national key equipment manufacturing enterprises "major projects" of the project results. This is special products on display for the first time in national equipment manufacturing industry exhibition, part of the product is in the starting of qi 2 machine tool, qinchuan machine tool with 1000 square meters large scale exhibition, display their latest high-end CNC machine tools the special achievements, these products have intellectual property rights, completely replace the imported equipment, is China's machine tool industry's top products.

As the world's  communication platform of metal processing industry, MWCS as overseas machine tool enterprises develop the Chinese market, provides unparalleled opportunities to establish strategic cooperation. And domestic users MWCS out great opportunity of international procurement of imported equipment. Germany pavilion, the Czech republic, Italy pavilion pavilion, Japan pavilion, Taiwan pavilion and so on 5 big pavilion as exhibitors, again reflects MWCS first-class international, also makes MWCS CIMT group after participating countries, more foreign exhibitors exhibition area is larger professional machine tool exhibition. Overseas enterprises manufacturers, agents or distributors, can use this platform to expand business opportunities, strengthen international cooperation in trade. Association of several groups agree that MWCS equipment industrial platform, is hosted by the Chinese government authority is also a model of chinese-foreign cooperation within the exhibition industry, MWCS will bring them huge harvest every year.

In the field of sheet metal processing, laser manufacture and forging forming, MWCS has become the industry benchmark sexual event, she is launch stage is also a mohican. AMADA, TRUMPF, MAZAK, MEGAFAB, BAYKAL, ROFIN, BYSTRONIC, UNITY PRIMA, Winston group, world precision machine, and wei, Jin Fangyuan, jie mai, Farley, chutian, ethnic, and Taiwan LiFu Liang Fa remember, mitsubishi, murata, and other enterprises will display a large number of new technologies, new products, feast for the audience giants in the field of metal forming process. AMADA, TRUMPF sheet metal processing, MAZAK the world three big exhibition outside; Winston group, with 1000 square meters large booth more figure; The BAYKAL MEGAFAB and Turkey is the first year to enter the Chinese market will choose MWCS as its onboard an important battlefield. So many domestic and foreign enterprises to assemble together to make MWCS became one of the world's first-class international metal TTF attending.

MWCS show trading platform is not only the first-class equipment, is also a new technology, new products, new technology convergence collision of inspiration place. Organizers will alliance board of directors held during the exhibition China automobile equipment, workshop 2010 international auto transmission advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, aerospace and high efficiency processing technology seminar BBS and so on more than 50 field and communication. Organizers through cooperation with more machine tool industry users, for machine tool enterprises bring more high-end users and potential customers effectively, promoting China's machine tool industry from to provide sales + after-sales service to provide customers with overall solutions to speed up the transformation of China's machine tool industry, improve machine tool industry's international competitiveness.

As a national and international metal processing event, MWCS committed to build first-class equipment platform service in machine tool industry, at the same time also service in the automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace, rail transportation, mould manufacturing, defense, military industry, metal products manufacturing, electrical manufacturing, general machinery manufacturing, electronics manufacturing industry machine tool users, etc. MWCS2010 will display highlights and metal processing industry bright spot of the enterprise products, cover the hot technology in the world, together Chinese and foreign industry leading enterprises, reveals the modern industrial world class level and advanced equipment manufacturing industry of new achievements. The equipment and technology will contribute to the improvement of the manufacturing process in our country, promote the processing industry production efficiency, improve the overall level of manufacturing.

You must remember, a year for all most is orange, orange, green. In Shanghai, let us feast Shared China's machine tool industry.