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Overseas pavilion has used a international global sourcing

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China GongBoHui - exhibition of nc machine tools and metal processing (MWCS) in 2010 grand opening on November 9-13. As an international metal processing event, MWCS in commitment to overseas machine tool enterprises in mainland China market, set up strategic cooperation platform at the same time, also for the domestic enterprises are not created opportunities abroad purchase equipment. Germany, Italy, the Czech republic, Japan, Taiwan and so on 5 big pavilion as participation, makes MWCS CIMT group after participating countries and regions, overseas exhibitors exhibition area is the biggest most professional machine tool exhibition.

Germany pavilion rate under it (TRUMPF), stark (STAMA) o, CTR NORTE, library (ARKU), webber (WEBER), BALLUFF (BALLUFF), Luo Fen (ROFIN), GEHRING, REIME enterprise star product figure, covers the special processing, cutting, shaping, cutting tools and machine tool accessories and other fields. Starr tamar MC526 / compact simplex a vertical machining center with technology innovation as the core concept, fixture, cutting tools and automatic feeding system provides a variety of matching ability; CTR NORTE, according to the requirements of different customers specializing in the production of high quality, high strength and high precision of vertical mobile processing center.

Japan pavilion is mainly composed of yamazaki mazza grams (MAZAK), TianTian (AMADA), murata (MURATEC), MITSUBISHI (MITSUBISHI), OSG, and chiba prefecture pavilion, focus is leading the world in the sheet metal and laser processing technology. Mazza grams of the Hyper Gear five-axis full hybrid linear motor drive laser processing machine in China for the first time, for the first time in the world equipped with a new generation of ultra-high-speed foresee a PREVIEW control CNC device 640, will be used to think that impossible to ultra high speed, high precision machining is possible;

Taiwan pavilion is mainly composed of TAMI (rm machine industrial board of trade) group, Taiwan LiFu, far east, ruifeng, vertical lift, instrument, blessing, the cabled, building heart, benefit to nearly 50 companies such as chestnut, which is mainly composed of metal-cutting machine tool will show a large number of high-end best-selling products. "Four high" of young star product VMC - 137/168 series machining center with high rigidity, high stability, high bearing, high precision enjoys a high reputation; The cabled CNC lathe SMART - 60 y, because of its high price, customers highly evaluation. Taiwan's far east machinery BMC - 250 - t high speed boring and milling machine won a TIMTOS2009 "machine tool research and development innovation contest" prize for excellent, with a number of patented technology, can make large pieces five surface processing, with FANUC 18 im nc system, can control up to six axis processing;

Moreover, Italy and the Czech pavilion enterprise also brought machine tools, accessories and other products suitable for local users, will MWCS as further development of the bridgehead of China market.

Steadily increasing overseas exhibitors, exhibits are upgraded frequently, the great changes in scale and exhibits, is showing GongBoHui brand of great international influence and considerable profits. MWCS will become east China area most has the international machine tool.