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Dear friends, Hello, everybody!
   Germany Rofin Group, as the leader of the world's industrial lasers and laser processing system, has been committed for laser users around the world to provide the higher quality products and the more sincere service. The 21st century, economic globalization and international competition let we went together.Laser as all the major countries of the world focus on the development of high-tech industries and the more promising advanced manufacturing technology.We propose higher update the requirements of the development, we know that only by constantly improving its development capacity and international competitiveness to be invincible. We will give full play to the Group's own advantages, we have mastered the world's more advanced laser manufacturing technology, design, manufacturing, integration, lasers and other products, sales of the world's leading China and global users.
   In future, we will continue to strengthen the close cooperation with friends from all walks of life, enhance friendship, and create a bright future together!

Rofin Group CEO
Eastern Laser Present 
Guenther Braun